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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Friends On A Walk
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Member Experience

5 Star Forever

The current healthcare system is difficult to navigate, fraught with pitfalls, and often focused on convenience for the providers, not the people needing help. Through thoughtful observations, elbow time with the team, and authentic (and sometimes painful) feedback, Own It Moments can help craft memorable moments for both users of the system and those that serve others. Creating own it moments on paper is quite simple, executing them is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to rebuild your processes to focus wholly on the service to others. Let's own it together.

Medicare Advantage Concierge

At Your Service

Friends matter in our lives. We value their opinions, their time, and their well wishes for us. This member experience is all about becoming a friend to you and your family. We will ensure that the most important things to you are central to our friendship and we will never waiver, even when difficult conversations get to happen. We will be there no matter what!


Tackle the Toughest Problems...
...or just have fun

Training can be a quick solution for some annoying occurrences at work. Own It Moments can craft highly engaging, often fun, and meaningful experiences for you, your families, your teams, and really anyone who is looking accomplish a single goal together. From solving difficult problems to team building and everything in between, we take a personal approach to learning about the issues and then inserting them into multi-modal moments that will unlock long-lasting learning for everyone. Let's learn together.

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